Contract Warehousing

Developing contract warehousing solutions tailored to meet your business needs

  • Reliable: Our dedicated customer service team ensures that we’re your eyes and ears, proactively communicating with your team to ensure successful order fulfillment. We believe in developing an on-site team dedicated to your operation to ensure operational excellence. Having our team handling the daily communication with your customers and order fulfillment allows for your team to focus on managing the right inventory levels and continuing to grow your business.
  • Flexible: Through understanding what makes your business unique, the solutions we develop collaboratively are tailored to fit your warehousing needs and business model. Whether your business requires automation, labor flexibility or omni-channel fulfillment, we have the expertise to adapt to your businesses. Regardless of the size or location, we have the resources and expertise to grow with your business.
  • Transparent: Outsourced without feeling disconnected; our goal is to be an integrated partner in your business. Our focus on integration goes beyond order transmission. With your distribution model connecting your customers to your products, its important that we’re in constant communication with your team to plan, execute and reassess what’s happening on a daily basis.

Our Contract Warehouse Services:

Customized Warehousing Solutions
Value-Added Services
Light Assembly
Automated Packaging
Customized Certifications (AIB, FDA, USDA Organic, etc.)

EDI Communications
API (Application Programming Interface)
Real Time Web Access
On-demand Report Generation
Scheduled Reports
Inventory Monitoring

Shelf Life/Lot Code Management
Shopping Cart Integration
Pick & Pack
Reverse Logistics
Retailer Compliance